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Bun Inpsection

I've whacked a bunch more photos up on flickr. I am particularly fond of this one:

This is Bea and Jakey Gallagher with Bliss and Zak. They are inspecting their buns. Buns, it turns out, are a surprisingly serious thing. There is no room for frivolity where buns are concerned. Everybody is taking their buns very seriously but Zak is taking his the seriousest.

Smally's bun seems to be a sausage. Poor little Smally. She's too small to realise that her bun is a sausage. She thinks she's joining in the bun inspection. Joining in with the bun brigade. Being one of the gang with the big kids with buns. Clutching her sausage. Thinking it's a bun.

Poor little Smally.