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Woohoo! We're back from our Christmas jollities! YEAH! It's January and we're BACK! Christmas was all the fun, we had Christmas 1 at Jacqui's folks, then Christmas 2 on Boxing Day at my folks, then back to Jacqui's folks for Christmas 3. The meat order was Turkey, Goose, Pork, though the Turkey and Goose both contained Porks in the stuffing.Pork therefore was well represented. This is how it should be at Christmas. Many people forget how important Pork really is at Christmas time. It's all about the Pork. Precious, festive Porks.

 Zak loved Christmas, predictably. It was really really great. He took charge of all present opening and allocation, over-ruling those silly written tags saying who the pressies were supposed to be for. Hooray for Zak! Little Bliss was still brand new of course so didn't really get into the whole pressie opening thing but she definitely liked all the attention and activity. It was all VERY exciting and lovely for everyone! Hoorays! Anyway, it's 2009, new year and all that, and so I suppose we ought to crack on with all those great and grand world-changing projects that are in the pipeline for the year. RAAAAAAAAAAAAH!