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Little Chompster has decided that one of his favourite things is posting pens and other objects through the little holes in the door of the cupboard under the stairs. He was doing this with his colouring-in pencils but Mum confiscated them as she was worried he would shatter the leads, making them useless.

Some time later he asked to do drawing, so Mum dutifully got out a new piece of paper and taped it to his little table, and got his pencils back down. With the reactions of a tiny ninja, he grabbed a handful of the pencils and tottered at full speed off round the corner to the stairs and started posting them through the hole, laughing manically.

Naughty little Chomps. On the one hand it is naughty, but on the other hand I have to admire the way he has obviously thought the whole process through, and decided on a strategy to get his hands on the precious pencils. These are skills that will serve him well as he grows up.