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Sink Gnome

We seem to have a Sink Gnome living in our house. Things keep turning up in the sink. Drenched. Things which shouldn't be there. Toy tractors, CDs, keys, fridge magnets, these and many other things are appearing in with the washing up. Nothing is safe.

This morning I was making hot drinks. Zak was with me. I realised that a book was floating in the washing up. I asked Zak how it had got there. "Oh dear book" he said, full of innocence. "Oh dear book!"

 "Did you put it there Zak?"


I took it out of the sink and retired upstairs with the drinks. There have been rumoured half-glimpsed sightings of the Sink Gnome, much like the Yeti he may or may not really exist. Rumour has it the sink gnome is about two and a half feet high, with a mop of unruly blond hair. He has been glimpsed running away from the sink waving his arms in the air, laughing manically and triumphantly.

Is he real or just a figment? Who knows. It is a great mystery. Maybe it will never be solved.