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Hover Bacon wonderful covers

I have just come across this absolutely wonderful cover version of Hover Bacon by a lady with a cockatoo:


Isn't that just wonderful? Utterly fantastic! There are some other great versions of Hover Bacon out there- I thought I'd put a couple of them together here for your enjoyment.

This young man is clearly a face to watch in the death metal scene:


Here are some kids giving a wonderfully choreographed performance:


This is a really sweet one - mother and daughter singing together:


This young man has a bright future ahead of him:


Whereas this young lady is drunk as drunk can be:


Finally, and for completeness, I will include this version which I have actually blogged before - a re-working of Hover Bacon in an attempt to make it more accessible to a wider audience and spread its important message. If you hadven't seen this before you should ewatch it now: