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Newsletter 74

Hellooooooooooooooooooo! And welcome to the 74th EVER newsletter from rathergood!

We have such a wonderful treat for you today! This is Lion Toaster! It is a cautionary tale about a cat who bought a Lion brand toaster, believing the hype, thinking it would be the best toaster he could get. But his beautiful toasty dream was not to be. Oh no. What lay in wait for him was sorrow beyond imagining. Watch, listen, and learn, my friends. Learn your lesson about the cruelty of this world in which we live. Learn through the magic of song.


It's tragic isn't it? Really so very very sad that such things can happen in today's world. But HAPPEN THEY DO! Let this be a warning to you!

I whacked a bunch of photos up on flickr if you're into looking at photos and stuff. There's some pretty amazing things going on there- you can see ME OFFERRING ZAK A PIE! A HOME-MADE STEAK AND KIDNEY PIE! Can you imagine it? I actually bought some stewing steak and some kidney, and I TOTALLY made a pie with it. Zak went totally BONKERS for the pie. He was shouting LOOK AT THAT PIE! LOOK AT THAT PIE! I WANT IT! I WANT TO EAT IT AND PUT IT IN MY TUMMY!

I totally got Jacqui to photograph the pie, and photograph me offering Zak the pie, and then I put those photos, (along with other photos!) on the internets on flickr where you can see them and gasp in amazement and astonishment at my PIE!


I asked Jordan about the rumours that she has an unusual method of playing pinball with Pete:


We've got BRILLIANT Lion Toaster tshirts available, with a glorious picture of that wonderful toaster on them! You can get them here:

Lion Toaster Tshirts!

Because of magic, that link should take you to a shop in America if you are in America, or a shop in the UK if you are NOT IN AMERICA! And that is MAGIC! I think there may be some SCIENCE in there as well making it go, but mainly it's MAGIC.

I've totally got my head around this whole twitter malarky you know, and now I'm twotting all over the place! YEAH!


How's about THAT then? YEAH! Feels GOOD! I've been blogging on the blog and stuff as well - so far the new regime of regular bloggering is working beautifully and I'm really enjoying it. So that's good. I'm even going to blog this newsletter.

I think that might be about it, except to let you know that I love you. I love you so much that it makes my teeth hurt. They really really hurt! In fact there's a big hole in one of them, and it's gone black and there's puss leaking out of it and it hurts so badly I can hardly think straight and that's ALL BECAUSE OF HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!

Superhugs! Mwah! Mwah! Darling you look so gorgeous I could eat you all up! Really I could! Would you mind? Any bits you don't need? Just a finger or a slice of shin or something? Mmmmmmmm delicious!

Yours sincerely

Joel Andrew Veitch MA