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Newsletter 75

Hellooooooo! And welcome to the 75th EVER newsletter from rathergood!

We have a wonderful if terrifying treat for you today! This is The Herring Horde. It is a truly epic, stirring masterpiece. Cower in terror as we relate in majestic orchestral splendour the attempt by the Herring Horde to subjugate the land unto their will!


Isn't it tragic? But still, they are tasty, and good for you too, and they are total morons. Idiots.

In other news, I did my spot on Sky News on Wednesday. I was discussing Ashton Kutcher threatening to stop using Twitter, facebook getting money from Russians, dinosaur posture and a bunch of other stuff from the internet that day. You can have a look at it here if you like:


I'm doing well with the blogging plan. It is a thing of great beauty, as is to be expected really of course. This week I have discussed kitten hats, Kittentipedes, hammers, the search for very large pearls, the vagaries of the commonly used ten-point rating system, some goings-on at my house with disappearing trains, and a Doom Machine Of Doom which I spotted and photographed around Shoreditch. It's great, honest. You should totally read it and stuff. Every day.

Hopefully every day anyway. Well, hopefully every week day at least. I'm totally hoping to get something on there as many days as possible, basically.


You can get King Of Herrings tshirts too! From here!

They are TOTALLY BRILLIANT! Did you know that the King Of Herrings is a real fish? He REALLY EXISTS! Sure does! Look!


He is the biggest bony fish in the entire ocean! No wonder he's the king! YEAH!

I guess that's about it today! Except to tell you how much I love you! I love you so much that it makes my nose bleed! Really! It's bleeding loads! First it was just normal runny blood and now it's getting more lumpy. Lumps of pink stuff and the odd grey bit. It's really painful and I'm getting very faint indeed and it's all because I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! YEAH!

I hope you are having a thoroughly wonderful day today! It's beautiful and sunny and lovely here! I hope it is where you are too! I wish you a huge amount of happiness and joy!


Yours sincerely

Joel Andrew Veitch MA