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Rathergood For The Olympics!

We are going to try and win the Olympics. Seriously. Not a joke.

We have an official triathlete. Here is Phil! He fell off his bike in his last race. Can you tell?

Phil Price - official rathergood.com Olympian

Phil has decided to dedicate himself to triathlon training full time, and try to get to the 2012 Olympics. We're going to keep an eye on his progress as he is OUR OFFICIAL OLYMPIAN! HOORAY FOR PHIL!

If Phil gets to the Olympics, that means WE HAVE ALL GOT TO THE OLYMPICS TOO! And if he wins, then WE WILL ALL HAVE WON THE OLYMPICS! YEAH! WOOHOOO!

I totally want to win the Olympics, and I bet you do too. So let's get behind Phil. He is our greatest hope. YEAH!

Here is a video of him after last weekend's race.


I'll be whacking up pics and vids here, and if you want more of his bearded glory he has his own site with more detail on here: