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Father's Day and a lovely weekend

I'm sitting here at the end of Father's Day with a glass of wine and some pig skin in the oven. I've had a lovely weekend, and a lovely Father's Day. It's very kind of the littles to get me nice wine - though they must have had trouble getting served as they are so very small. I am particularly taken with the package of 3 squares of pig skin and fat, all rolled up into skinny fatty rolls, which they have given me as the other part of my present. They are going to be DELICIOUS! One is cooking right now, salted and brushed with oil. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

I've had a jolly nice weekend all round. Friday after work I actually went out for beers! This is a rare treat these days, with a 7 month old and a 2 year old at home to wrangle I am rarely allowed out for recreational reasons.

I met Rob Manuel, the Ginger Fuhrer from b3ta.com, for drinks in Shoreditch. Matt Smith from The Viral Factory joined us, and Jamie from the casting agency in the next room at the office. Rob is an old friend of mine from way back, if you didn't know. I don't see as much of him these days as I'd like to, so it's lovely to catch up. Rob's big news is that, after years of vegetarianism and putting up with my obsession with all things meat-related, he has finally given up and come over to the Meat Side. Hooray! This is wonderful news! We all had pizza at a place which sells it by the yard, and then went and ponced it up in Shoreditch House.

Saturday I took the family down to Nana and Grandy Bandy's house in Maidstone. Honk and Flonk predictably had a brilliant time. I had a brilliant sleep. In the early hours Little Flode was up and about, and did a huge burp, followed by a really enthusiastic "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh" noise, that really should have come from a builder rather than a 7 month old girl. We were cracking up. She's also doing a lot of blowing raspberries at the moment, which is also brilliant. She's a very amusing little girl.

Today we went down to a village near Dover for a barbecue with some family friends. They also have a boy called Zak of similar age to our Zak, and a little girl just a bit older than Floddler. There were various other friends and family, including a dog called Daisy. Me and Honkster ate many sausages and went on a bear hunt. I love the way he takes things totally seriously. He was pretty clear we stood a good chance of finding a bear while we stalked around an orchard. We saw a rabbit, 3 pigeons and a magpie, and also found a ball, but sadly we found no bears. No bears this time. Oh well, maybe next time eh? Also a couple of little jet planes from an air show flew over which was great. Then we drove home.

There was a man on the radio from the RSPCA talking about horse welfare. He was saying horses shouldn't be left to get ill and old after their useful working lives are over. He sounded a bit mental though. He didn't say they should be "humanely put down" - he bellowed "THEY MUST BE DESTROYED" - this isn't something I expected form the RSPCA to be honest. How we laughed! We shouted "THEY MUST BE TOTALLY DESTROYED!" and laughed until it looked like we were going to wake up the littles sleeping in the back of the car and then we stopped. Then we got home and I put Honk to bed and poured some wine and put a square of special celebratory Father's Day pig skin in the oven and here I am. Hoorays!

UPDATE! TRAGEDY! OH TRAGEDY! While I was typing this, I had put the grill on to speed up the crisping of my pork skin, as it was getting late. BUT OH WOE IS ME! I left it too long, forgotten while I typed away, and when I remembered and ran in to check I was greeted by a blackened destroyed pork skin and now my house is full of acrid pig smoke.