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My spot on Sky News, and Twitter in reporting of Iran

I did my spot on Sky News again last night. In the event, the House Of Commons were 17 minutes late getting their vote in on whether to hold the enquiry on the Iraq War in public or private, and this pushed me into the ad break, meaning my bit was only viewable online. Hey-ho. It was still fun - you can see it here.

Another interesting thing to see was the struggle with Twitter and how to use it in the news reports. Sky have appointed a Twitter Correspondent, who was talking specifically about the information coming out of Iran on Twitter. The reporting was careful to point out that this information is unverifiable, but it was interesting to see how much time is being devoted to this stream of information.

The journalist tasked with reporting on the Iran crisis was really not happy with the idea of using twitter as a source. In his opinion, the kosher news agencies are reporting the best information available (on that day that most people had been forced off the streets and skirmishes had been sporadic) while the twitter users are telling tall tales of massacres in the streets in order to advance their agenda. Interesting.