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Newsletter 82

Helloooooo! And welcome to the 82nd EVER update from rathergood!

I have got literally the happiest thing in the history of everything ever for you today! And that is no exaggeration whatsoever! In fact it is an understatement! Here is My Baby Goat!


YEAH! Hasn't that uplifted you? Don't you feel AMAZING now? Hooray for the little happy bouncing baby goat! You can get incredibly happy goaty tshirts too! From here!


In other news, a couple of years ago we did some lovely animations around Big Brother for E4 with the contestants as animals. I've whacked a couple of them up on the site so you can see them! Enjoy!


We've also added an uber-menu to rathergood, with pretty much everything that isn't written word all in one place:


It looks well ultimate, doesn't it! There's loads of stuff when you put it all together like that! YEAH!

I asked Skankhammer if there was anything else we should mention this week and he pointed out that he's upgraded our content management system from Joomla 1.5.7 to 1.5.12! OH MY GOD! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?!?!?!?! That is TOTALLY HARDCORE! GNARLY DUDE! I have just vomited, because I am so overwhelmed with excitement at this, and I expect you have probably just vomited too.

I guess that's about it, except to tell you that I love you. I love you really hard! I love you as hard as I can, all the time! I'm loving you right now! I'm loving you while I write this! I am loving you furiously!

People sometimes ask me whether the love comes first, or the fury. I tell them that they both engender each other. As soon as I start loving, I become furious. If something makes me furious, I begin loving uncontrollably. The fury and the loving, overwhelming me with their extremity. I start to scream both in fury and love, turn bright red and the veins pop out of my head. Screaming and screaming, loving and loving, round and round I spin, flailing and screaming and loving, till I collapse in a heap, exhausted, soaked in sweat and love.

And then it begins again. On and on, round and round, every day.

What a beautiful life it is, full of so much love, and so much fury.

Mwah mwah superhugs and big sloppy kisses!

Yours sincerely

Joel Andrew Veitch MA