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Newsletter 84

Hellooooooooooo! And welcome to the 84th EVER update from rathergood!

We are kicking it OLDSKOOL right now- with a misheard lyric gag showing a Take That classic hit as we believe it should be!


In other news I whacked up Stephen Hawkwind on the site. I actually made it ages ago for Rathergood Videos, but it hasn't been viewable anywhere for years and it's the single most requested thing I've done so I've whacked it up on rathergood as a portfolio piece innit. I'll be popping more work stuff up over the next few weeks:


Also, I did my spot on Sky News again this week, talking about some internets and things. Have a butcher's!


I've also whacked some family snaps up on flickr if you're interested in that:


I guess that's about it for this week, except to tell you that I love you! I love you SO VERY HARD! I'd do anything for you! Really literally anything! My love for you is only constrained by my body's physical capacity to contain it! I would increase my volume so as to get more love for you in! I'd expand enormously! I'd gorge on meats and cakes JUST FOR YOU until I was a love-filled massively obese immobile mound of blubber! Inflated like a balloon with my enormous love for you! I would be able to fit in SO MUCH LOVE as I grew fatter and fatter until I was entombed in a room stuck fast in my own vomit and excreta, a stinking putrefying blubbery mountain of LOVE!


I'll get started on that project at lunch time.

Anyway, in the meantime MWAH MWAH big sloppy kisses and superhugs!

Yours sincerely

Joel Andrew Veitch MA