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Newsletter 85

Hellooooooooo! And welcome to the 85th EVER update from rathergood!

Wow, we have got a TOTALLY AWESOME load of stuff for you this week. OH MY GOD it is SO GOOD!

First of all, we have developed the most incredibly brilliant piece of technology in the history of mankind around these Scots what we have got! We have developed JocksApp!


JocksApp is an application which allows you to BUILD YOUR OWN SCOTSMAN and send him with a message of joy to your friends and family!

But wait! It doesn't stop there! Because here is Angus and Fingus and Fungus – a wonderful song which describes the lives of some of the great clans of the Scottish Highlands:


It's as much social commentary as entertainment to be honest. Think of it as anthropology, in musical form.



I have knocked up another old school misheard lyric – this time revealing that Abba were really singing about their infestation of martial arts experts!



As you know I am gradually putting up some of our commissioned work as portfolio pieces – and this week I have put the Cow Song which we did for kids TV show Jim Jam and Sunny:


Mooray! Hello Cow! Moo moo moo moo!

Recently FOX News have been going a bit bonkers over it and I'm currently booked with Jacqui to do a quick interview about it today at 1050 Eastern Time – so if you are in the States and available at that time do you think you could record it for me? I would LOVE to see it! (this is around 3.50 pm in the UK). You herd me right (get it? You herd me? HAHA I AM SO VERY FUNNY) – FOX News 10.50am Eastern time TODAY! FRIDAY!

Also, we've got slogan tshirts up in the shop! They are totally brilliant!


Lots of people have told me they are going to get the leopard one, but I personally am absolutely DYING for someone to send me a photo of themselves in public with the demon shirt on. Now THAT is a serious tshirt. YEAH BWOY! OH YEAH!

We've got Scotsman tshirts as well! They are WONDERFUL!


In other news I whacked a couple more family photos up on flickr if you like that kind of thing:


I also explained the attractions of Brownsea Island in the blog


You know what else has been brought to my attention? That someone has put in my entry on Wikipedia that I am the son of Christopher Biggins. That's not even slightly true! Very funny, but untrue nonetheless.


Right! I think that's about it! Except to tell you that I love you! I love you so much! I love you so HARD! I would do anything for you! I'd burn off my skin for you and wrap myself in clingfilm to keep the bits in and then come and lie down outside your house all de-skinned and clingfilmed and wait for you to come out and find me collapsed there outside your door just to show you how HARD I love you! I'd totally do that!

I've run out of clingfilm though so I can;t do it right now. I'd TOTALLY do it for you if I had some clingfilm though.

Mwah Mwah Superhugs I love you oh god I love you

Your sincerely

Joel Veitch MA