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Last night I was in the en suite bit of my bedroom getting ready for bed. I could hear little baby Bliss gurgling away in her cot at the bottom of our bed. Suddenly I noticed a bigger coughing sound over it - it was Zak! He'd escaped his room and come into ours! I looked through just in time to catch him standing on our bed, leaning over the cot, vomiting.

 Vomiting into the cot. The cot with newborn baby Bliss in it.

 Nice one Zak.

As it happens, he comletely missed Bliss with the vomit. To be honest, I don't think he had specifically waited for his chance to get into our room and vomit deliberately onto the baby. I think it's more likely he woke up because he was feeling ill, came into our room to find us, heard Bliss making baby noises, leaned over to investigate and then vommed. But still. Poor old Zak. He was so very well behaved as well. He didn't make any fuss at all about feeling ill. We got him back off to sleep and everything cleaned up.

A few hours later I was woken, in the early hours, by Bliss vomiting a full load of milk all over me, the bed, herself and Jacqui.

Nice one Bliss.