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Newsletter 86

Hellooooo! And welcome to the 86th EVER update from rathergood!

The main thing I want to tell you about this week is our wonderful appearance on FOX News, complete with ukulele, singing the glorious Cow Song live for the enjoyment of the masses! It was totally BRILLIANT! YEAH! Have a look!


Hoorays! Isn't that wonderful? YEAH! Sure is!

Also, I'm continuing with the plan of putting up some old things I did for work as portfolio pieces. Today I have whacked up the Beenie Man Song, starring Beenie Man! He totally LOVES those beans! Oh GOD does he love those beans!


I originally did this for Born Sloppy on Channel 4. Beenie Man was on the show as a guest, and was in the Green Room with his entourage. I was there, having a drink. When my little song played he was watching the screen, looking really unimpressed. He seemed like he took himself really seriously – surprising given that he has named himself after his love of beans. You'd have thought he'd have loved my glorious little song celebrating him and his beany glee! But anyway, in the event I was quite glad he didn't know it was me who'd made it. Some people eh?

This week I was also entertained to see that Der Spiegel in Germany had written a little thingy about our Bagger 288 song:


Babelfish usefully tells me that this involves fearing “bad robots from the Zukunft“ - I have always feared bad robots from the Zukunft. The Zukunft is TOTALLY the WORST place for a bad robot to come from. Oh GOD!

We were in the Metro today too! With our Abba misheard lyric thingy


That's 3 different countries in one newsletter! Yays!

In other news, I've been whacking up more family photos on flickr – have a butcher's if that's your bag, baby:


I think that's about it this week, except to tell you how much I love you! I love you so HARD! OH GOD I LOVE YOU SO HARD! I'd do ANYTHING for you! If we were out in the wilderness and it was raining and there was no shelter at all, I'd cut off MY OWN EYELIDS and sew them into a poncho for you to wear to keep the rain off! EVEN THOUGH IT WOULD REALLY HURT I'd do that for you! The rain would wash the dirt out of my eyeballs, so it wouldn't be too bad while it was raining. Hopefully by the time it had stopped raining and my eyeballs began drying out we'd have reached civilisation and I could get medical attention and maybe some prosthetic eyelids or something. I'd TOTALLY DO THAT FOR YOU!



Yours sincerely

Joel Veitch Master of Arts.