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The truly lovely Popbitch gave Wormsley a mention in their newsletter yesterday. I've cut and pasted it here for posterity. Hooray for Popbitch!

      >> rathergood news <<
        Someone in TV sees sense

    If you've ever used the internet,
    you'll have seen something of Joel
    Veitch's work. He did all the stuff
    at rathergood.com - the dancing
    kittens and the bunny-humping
    Mick Hucknalls.

    We have two great bits of news for you:

    1) Gak Attack - the game Joel
    made for Popbitch more than a
    decade ago - is back!

    2) TV has finally wised up to Joel's
    talent - he has made a dark animated
    fairytale. It won't feature Daniella
    Westbrook's septum-less nose, but
    it will be on Sky Atlantic over
    Christmas, and features Julian
    Barrett, Julia Davis and a giant crab.