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Tommy's Happy Rainbow Harmacy

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One night in April 2010 I happened to find myself on a bus full of the internet. Ed and I were having a lovely conversation with Jason Steele and Chris Alex from filmcow (Charlie The Unicorn) who are superbly lovely people as well as being geniusesesses. Also on the bus was a large percentage of the internet. Seriously. There was m00t from 4chan, baratunde from the onion, the autotune the news guys, rob cockerham from cockeyed, charlie schmidt, the owner of keyboard cat... it goes on and on and on. We were all on our way to the ROFLCon party. I tell you, if terrorists had blown up that bus the internet would have seized completely up. Seriously.

Anyway, in the course of my conversation on the Internet Bus the Harmacy idea popped up. I had a quick crack at it before but I kind of rushed it off and didn't feel like I'd done it justice, so I've re-done it here, more in the way it should have been done in the first place.

Enjoy Tommy and his Harmacy. Thanks to Jason and Chris in whose esteemed company the Harmacy was born.